Short Courses
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Tuition is $30-US per 4 weeks of lessons. There is no extra fee for moving through the lessons more slowly. The entire fee for each level is $120-US. (Level III includes one month free.)

Students must also buy approximately three
textbooks for each course level.

Tuition covers online lessons & assignments, personalized instructor evaluation & feedback, and discussion & support from other students. In addition, students will download audios of guided meditations & exercises or, if they wish, will receive CDs through the mail at no extra cost (one per level). Any other materials needed should be readily available around your house or at a local thrift store. No expensive tools are needed.

Payment Options

4 lessons ~ $30
Full Level ~ $120

OR you can send check / money order to :

Sisters of EarthSong
PO Box 392
Warren, RI 02885

Please note : your enrollment is not complete until you have filled out the enrollment application and made payment for your first 4 lessons. If you are mailing your payment, you still need to fill out the online application. If you are having trouble accessing the online application, email me and I can send you a paper form.